We were asked to carry out some running repairs to a dilapidated boathouse, sitting beside the beautiful river Thames. As the client was preparing to redevelop the boathouse in 2014 our brief was to provide a functional, safe and cost effective solution to facilitate its use for the summer. Since completion Thorogood building have been asked to prepare a design for the boat house and are currently preparing planning drawings for submission to the local authority.

We were also asked to erect a glass paneled flood fence at the bottom of the garden enabling the garden to be completely shut off from the river. The brief was to maintain the amazing view and ensure their son could safely play in the garden without the risk of him falling into the river. The principle factor to overcome was that the river water would have to be allowed to pass up and under the fence due to the tide. This presented a challenge when selecting materials and the timber used had to be stable to withstand this, as such we used a hardwood called Opepe, which is usually specified in marine environments and is able to withstand the daily soaking and drying whilst remaining in good shape and not moving or cracking. Stainless steel fixings and brackets were used to support the toughned glass panels and a frameless glass gate was also incorporated to provide access for a boat.

Then we were asked to undertake one more unusual task. Something we have not been asked to do before; construct a fire engine bed. From a rough sketch drawn by the client we put together a timber framed bed, along with lights and speedometer rescued from the scrapyard. The aim was to encourage their son to sleep in his own bed, and the feedback we have received, is that it has been a success!